Finding & Replacing Running Shoes

Anyone who has ever trained for a race and or just runs for fun knows that finding the perfect pair of running shoes is close to impossible. There are so many options out there that it can make one dizzy. There are shoes for short distance, long distance, road running, path/soft surface running, track running, heel to toe landing, flat foot landing, pronation, supination and so many more. So when we runners find a perfect shoe for us, it’s the best feeling in the world and we never want to let them go! Unfortunately, the shoes wear out and most like the company that produced the shoe has changed the design or move on to a new model. This means back to the beginning. So here are a few tips on how to ¬†find that perfect pair of shoes and how and when to replace them so you don’t cause an injury from worn down shoes.

Tip 1: Finding The Running Shoe For You

  • GO TO A RUNNING STORE! This seems pretty simple, but most people shop online nowadays for the convenience. While shopping online is great and I definitely do that, it’s not worth the injuries you can get from improper shoes. Most stores have treadmills where the sales associate can watch you run for a bit to see what your natural gait is and what your foot strike is like.
  • Don’t worry about the look/color of the shoes at the store. Most will be very bland and we all know runners need something will a little spark to them. After all, “look good, feel good” is one of the more popular saying for runners. The focus of this is to find the best shoe that is the most comfortable for you when you run. If the store doesn’t have the color of the shoe you want, they can most likely order you one or you can order them online. Just make sure you get the brand, model and size information.
  • Once you find the shoe you want, ask the store what their return policy is. Most stores will offer free returns and exchanges for 7 days. This will allow you to take the shoes for a few training runs and make sure the shoes are perfection. Do not be afraid to return them if they are not perfect. Running shoes should fit you so that you forgot they are there and you can focus on the important aspects of running.
  • Once you’ve got those bad boys, hit the road and crush some miles!

Tip 2: When to Replace Running Shoes

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Wingtip Wednesday – The New Trend

With the growing popularity of social media, there are a lot of trends that are gaining popularity. The most common one that a majority of people take part in is called #ThrowbackThursday or #tbt for short. I am completely fine with this trend because it is interesting to see some older pictures occasionally. What is not okay is that in addition to throwback thursday, people are trying to make up trends like: #MonthsAgoMonday, #WayBackWednesday, and #SoLongAgoSunday. This is extremely excessive and needs to stop. So I purpose we take Wednesday and make it #WingtipWednesday!

Here is a classic brown wingtip look designed by Steve Madden
Here is a classic brown wingtip look designed by Steve Madden


Not only is the Wingtip a classic look, it is a great way to spice up that plain office attire that you wear everyday. The Wingtip is not just for those business professionals. Its style is applicable to anyone who wants to make a statement with their wardrobe. The classic Wingtip is a low-heel dress shoe but the design can also be found on boots. Many companies are actually taking the low cut and boot Wingtips and making them in a variety of materials and colors. This is why they are so great. You can wear the Wingtip look with that gray business outfit at work and then hit the town in them while wearing a pair of jeans.

The Concept of #WingtipWednesday is simple. It is meant to celebrate this stylish look and show off your shoe game. All you need to do is take a picture of you wearing or admiring a pair a Wingtips and post them to your social media sites with the #WingtipWednesday tagged with the picture. Here is an example of one I posted a few weeks ago.



The concept of #WingtipWednesday is not only to show off your shoes, but it is to help you have something to look forward to in the middle of that work week. Wednesday, thanks to the GEICO commercial, is becoming a very popular day for social media posts. So go ahead and add in Wingtips to your outfits to help make Hump Dayyyyyyy even more enjoyable.